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Terry Tremaine

Terry Tremaine
a.k.a: mathdoktor99; JCMateri

Terry Tremaine (July 20, 1948) is a Nazi and he's pretty damned proud of it, except when he disavowed his Nazi beliefs in a pathetic attempt to get out of trouble regarding those beliefs while he was in a Regina psych ward, but we'll come back to that soon enough. Tremaine used to post as "mathdoktor99" on Stormfront or as "JCMateri" on other sites, but since his troubles of his own making began, he's started to post under his own name. He's even gone as far as to start up his own little Nazi party, the National-Socialist Party of Canada, which is affiliated with the equally troubled NSM States side and of which he appears to be the sole member.

Tremaine should know better. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Regina and a M.Sc. in Mathematics from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec according to his Wikipedia article (which he started himself, showing he's not only a bonehead but an egocentric bonehead as well) so we're going to assume he isn't a complete idiot. He had taught Mathematics in a number of universities in Canada as well as the College of the Bahamas in Nassau. This lead some Canadian Stormfront posters to claim him as a Canadian version of William Pierce, though we're not so sure we would want to be compared to a paranoid jackass with a penchant for Eastern European mail-order brides.

It was while teaching at the University of Sakatchewan that Tremaine was exposed as a member of the National Alliance, an active participant on Stormfront, and a Nazi bonehead. It seems that someone was able to figure out who mathdoktor99 was and sent the information to Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman. An aside: we REALLY need to meet this guy because he's kicking Nazi ass from Victoria to St. John's up there. Warman filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In April 2005 Warman informed the University of Saskatchewan about Tremaine and the complaints against him. The university called Tremaine into a meeting and promptly canned his ass.

After being kicked to the curb, Tremaine went to British Columbia. He says he started drinking heavily and contemplated suicide (damn, one of the few times we wish Canadian gun control laws were a little more lax). Finally, he ended back in Saskatchewan and checked himself into a psychiatric clinic. It was then that he made a desperate attempt to get out of the mess he had gotten himself into. He sent letters to all the parties involved, "expressing regret for his postings, indicating that he was deeply ashamed of them, and apologizing to the Jewish community." Here's the kicker though. He also said that he had at one time been married to a Native woman and had three mixed race children from that marriage! Damn! How many times do we find out that racist have skeletons in their closet like this? It's starting to become a cliché. Of course he later said that his ex-wife had only a very tiny bit of Native ancestry but even if that's true, racists usually don't make that distinction when it comes to the high crime of "race mixing."

His mea culpa didn't last though. Once he was let out of the loony bin, he was back on Stormfront taking back his apology. He also took the time to form a Nazi party of his very own with his very own website which I'm sure the Human Rights Tribunal investigating him have been very interested in. Of course Tremaine decided to hitch his horse to the burning barn that is the National Socialist Movement, but that will make watching Tremaine crash and burn all the more entertaining.

Tremaine appeared before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in August 2006. By his side was Paul Fromm who has been advising a lot of fascists in their cases with Warman including Melissa Guille, Glenn Bahr, Jessica Beaumont, and John Beck. Given the advice he has given to people, Fromm might be doing more for the anti-fascists than the likes of Richard Warman ever could. Tremaine's appears to be no exception to this rule. The Tribunal hasn't issued its decision yet, but since Tremaine pretty much confirmed all the charges levelled against him it seems this will be another slam dunk.

A month after the Tribunal met with Tremaine, Anti-Racist Action (ARA) had a little get together outside Paul Fromm's house. Understandably Fromm and his merry little band of fascists who were at his home that day weren't pleased. On September 13 he fired off a letter to the Tribunal demanding that the complaint by Warman against Tremaine be dismissed for creating a poisoned environment and harassment (Fromm claimed that the ARA visited Fromm at the behest of Warman with no evidence to support the claim except that Warman once spoke at a gathering of the ARA). The motion was denied by the Tribunal in October 2006.

Tremaine expected the verdict to go against him and it did. On February 2, 2007 a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that Tremaine had violated section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, fined $4000.00 and had a permanent cease and desist order placed on him forbidding his publish further hate propaganda on the Internet. He said that he has no intention of paying any fine levelled against him. It seems he doesn't realize the Tribunal can garnish his wages.

Not so smart now.

Things get even better for us and worse for Tremaine. On June 8, 2007, the Regina City Police raided Tremaine's apartment and took his computer and other items into evidence concerning an ongoing hate crimes investigation. If Tremaine is eventually charged and convicted, he could be spending up to 5 years as a guest in Canada's finest detention facilities.

Let's all hope that Tremaine continues to have bad days for the foreseeable future.

Melissa Guille

Melissa Deanne Guille
London, ON

Melissa Guille (born ca. 1972) is the leader of the Canadian Heritage Alliance (CHA). Guille became involved with Neo-Nazi groups in Canada through her brother, Chris Guille, who had been a longtime member of the Heritage Front. While studying at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario in early 2000, Guille joined the Heritage Front with the intention of starting a local chapter. Within a few months, she instead decided to form the Canadian Heritage Alliance in order to use political wedge issues to bring young people to racialist politics.

Guille met far right leader Paul Fromm at a meeting he was speaking at in Kitchener, Ontario in September, 2000. He agreed to help her with her project. At the same time, she met Marc Lemire, who soon became her boyfriend and helped her develop a website and policy platform. Lemire and Guille later clashed when he became the leader of the Heritage Front and she refused his entreaties to become leader of a Kitchener-Waterloo Heritage Front chapter instead of continuing with the CHA.

According to lawyer Richard Warman's complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, material on the CHA website included calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide against Jews: "We must now solve the most urgent of all problems, and that is, of course, the Jewish Problem; there are only two alternatives: we must expel them, or we must massacre them!" Guille appeared before the Human Rights Tribunal on November 20, 2006 to face charges that she and the Canadian Heritage Alliance violated the Canadian Human Rights Act. Warman, who brought the complaint against Guille, stated that "you just had to scratch a millimetre beneath the surface" of the CHA website to find examples of "vicious attacks on the Arab, Jewish and black communities."

Guille defended herself on her website:

"The complaint against the CHA and Ms. Guille did not originate as a result of a criminal investigation, nor did it originate from a protected group that feels they have been discriminated against or exposed to contempt by viewpoints expressed on the website," the notice reads. "The complaint came from a man, Mr. Warman, who had spent years scouring the website and waiting until he had enough to file a complaint against CHA and Ms. Guille in an attempt to oppress opinions that are in conflict to his own."

Guille's brothers, Andrew Guille and Chris Guille, were involved in the CHA. Andrew embarrassed his sister when it was revealed he had been convicted in 1999 for possession of child pornography, a fact the Guilles had kept from other members. According to researcher Matthew Lauder, Andrew Guille remained active in the CHA after his conviction. Chris Guille announced his departure from any leadership role with the group in 2003. By 2003, the Guilles had left Kitchener-Waterloo and moved to London, Ontario where the CHA is now based.

Guille and her supporters are known to protest London, Ontario's Gay Pride parade along with the Northern Alliance (once led by another of Guille's former boyfriends Jason Ouwendyk) and Tomasz Winnicki. In addition, she, Paul Fromm, and Northern Alliance members including David Ruud have been making pests of themselves protesting in Caledonia, Ontario where a land dispute with Natives has been going on for the past two years. While the CHA seems to be little more than a website now, Guille is still significant as one of the few female leaders in an otherwise male-dominated racist movement.

Richard Warman v CHA
Warman v.

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R.N., is now 18 but owing to a crime committed as a minor can not be named.

R.N. had participated in most Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest with one exception being the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary. In October 2008 we learned that he had been charged with the assault of a young Japanese woman who had emigrated to Canada. He was later convicted of assault and as of this writing is currently still in jail for that crime, however he is soon to be released from custody while being placed on a 500 day Intensive Support and Supervision order.


John Marleau

John Marleau
a.k.a: bon89. John Richard, jagermeister88
Loud and extremely obnoxious, at the March 21, 2008 rally where the Aryan Guard was confronted by anti-racist activists, Marleau needled Bonnie Collins who's home had recently been hit by a firebomb, a crime where links to the Aryan Guard are suspected:
21/03/08: How's your house, Bonnie? Is it nice and toasty in there? How's Jason and the kids?
What can we say? He's a mensch.
Marleau likes to act tough and threatening on the Internet and has posted messages advocating mass murder and genocide of ethnic minorities on the Blood and Honour forum as jagermeister88. In October 2008 he was expecting to be heading to jail for an as yet unknown crime, however the charges appear to have been stayed or dropped. 

Brent Goldring

Brent Goldring
a.k.a: Canadian1488; 14ryder88

Truth in advertising? Goldring has a tattoo across his forehead that reads, "Racist."

Goldring is another original Aryan Guard member, however with his friend Robert Reitmeier he assisted in the creation of the Aryan guard auxiliary W.E.B. During the March 21, 2009 attempted Aryan Guard organized march, Goldring and other W.E.B. members were among the more violent participants. It is believed that Goldring was arrested during the event, however he was later released. There are numerous pictures published on the Internet and in Calgary newspapers where Goldring is in the process of assaulting anti-racist activists.

Robert Reitmeier

Robert Reitmeier

a.k.a: German_Pride; agrenegade

An original member of the Aryan Guard, Reitmeier and a few others later formed an auxiliary group called W.E.B. (Western European Brotherhood or Western European Bloodlines) which is even more violent than the Aryan Guard proper.

Reitmeier was the victim of a shooting which resulted in life threatening injuries on September 5, 2008.

That Reitmeier was the victim in this case of a violent attack is without question, but the circumstances surrounding the case are still a mystery. Why was Reitmeier shot? Was the perpetrator a gun runner as has been claimed by the original source for this story, a case of mistaken identity or just a semi-random incident as claimed by Reitmeier? Why did Reitmeier, if the Calgary Herald article is correct, wait as long as three hours before seeking medical assistance and reporting the shooting to the police? Did Reitmeier provide accurate information about his assailant(s)?

On September 16, 2008, Brazilian student Jose Ribamar Ribeiro Neto was shot as he and his girlfriend left a restaurant and were walking along Centre Street. Ribeiro, an innocent bystander, survived but has been permanently blinded in the attack. A suspect with a long record that includes weapons, drug, and attempted murder convictions, was arrested on September 19, 2008. Roland Ashley Warawa has also been charged in the shooting of Reitmeier that took place in early September (an older picture of Warawa from 1997 can bee seen here).

Again, IF the Calgary Herald article is true, then could Reitmeier's delay of up to three hours in seeking medical attention for his serious injuries and notifying the authorities about the attempt on his life might have made the difference between Warawa's capture before the shooting of Ribeiro ever took place and Warawa's escape to be able to commit future violent assaults? This is admittedly a speculative question on our part.

Warawa has been charged with, among other things, two counts of attempted murder. Ironically, Reitmeier himself was charged with attempted murder late in 2006.


Bill Noble

Bill Noble

a.k.a: Exterminance; Abbandon; Leto Atreides II; 14Guard88

Noble, born April 8, 1976, in the British Columbian wilderness near Lillooet Lake. His parents, whom Noble has referred to as hippies, lived what can be described as an alternative lifestyle, residing with their children (Bill has at least two sisters, one of whom is in a relationship with a First Nations man) in a trailer in relative isolation. Noble was also home schooled until he was a teen, though his parents eventually enrolled him in high school.

Now, put some tall skinny kid who has been isolated from people his own age for much of his life - which could only have limited his social skills considerably - and whose family might be considered weird into a high school and one can quickly establish that Noble would fast become a subject of ridicule and abuse. This is apparently what happened, as Noble was mercilessly bullied throughout high school. To this day Noble is concerned with the idea of being the subject of a physical attack; he claims to once carried a knife with him for protection.

When reading many of his posts in Stormfront, VNN, or his own blog, one will note Noble's slavish devotion to David Lane's Eighty-Eight Precepts and the Twenty-Five Points of National Socialism. However, Noble has a few ideas of his own as well. In response to a thread in Stormfront entitled, "Europeans will die out in 200 years" Noble posts the following:

I recommend a three-step plan:

1) Nightfall. In which all racially aware Whites retreat to the far North, especially in Canada and Europe. We wait and watch as Jews and White lemmings alike are eaten alive by the rising tides of darkness, and civilization itself succumbs to savagery -hence 'Nightfall', as darkness swallows everything.

2) Sunrise. With no Jews to forbid us or teach us to hate ourselves, we advance and reclaim old territories, dealing with savages as savages are meant to be dealt with - and I don't mean dishing out welfare checks.

3) The Day of the Rope. Only a society with absolute dedication to proper justice can hope to prevent the lunacy of Liberalism from once more taking hold and making a mess like today's, with open doors for all immigrating aliens, and criminals having more rights than their victims.

I plan to take a wife and retreat to the forests of the North-West Territories. I shall build a log cabin for myself and my wife, and some greenhouses; and then I shall build more log cabins, and invite other WN couples to join us. Bring Peltin wheels and Alaskan sawmills. Strive, survive, succeed!

Take a wife? Who in the 21st century talks like that? Noble's other postings are also enlightening, if less amusing, such as his admiration of a serial killer:

He [Joseph Paul Franklin] shot at Flynt? After the Day of the Rope I say we build a 500 foot statue of Joseph Paul Franklin. [Franklin, in the late 70s and early 80s, engaged in a campaign of race-based homicides and also seriously wounded pornographer Larry Flynt during his March 1978 trial for obscenity]

Man, when I think of the goings-on at my place of employment... it'd be nice for someone like Joseph drop by for lunch.

I need to stop being Nice and start being more, um... Orderly [a reference to Robert Jay Matthew's terrorist group known as the Order, or the Silent Brotherhood.]

In the above quotes, one will notice a reference to the infamous, "day of the rope", a phrase popularized by William Pierce in his novel, The Turner Diaries. Noble claims not to advocate violence (he has previously stated that he hasdnever read Pierce’s book and is not familiar with what Pierce intended to mean when he wrote of the day of the rope). Given how deeply Noble has immersed himself in the racist movement, and given he has a hand drawn picture on his blog of one of the punishments he would mete out on this day of the rope (hanging certain classes of "criminals" with their own intestines), To us, this is a tad disingenuous.

Noble appeared to be styling himself as the next Fuhrer, his idol, as he has posted pictures of himself sporting a Hitler moustache as well as an actual shrine to Hitler. In fact, Noble was trying to recruit skinheads in the Fort Saint John's area for his own racist group with no success, although he did catch the attention of the BC Hate Crimes division that resulted in a raid on his apartment. Noble left BC and moved to Edmonton, Alberta and met with local boneheads such as former Western Canada For Us leader Glenn Bahr and Nathan Touchette, both of whom he lived with for a time. When the Aryan Guard movement in Calgary began he moved to Calgary.

Noble was recently released from prison after a 4 month sentence for violating Canadian hate crime laws with a further 3 years probation where if he even looks sidewise at the computer he’ll be thrown back in the clink. However, as soon as he was released he was back online spreading hate propaganda on Facebook. We have to ask why, when he is so blatantly violating his parole, that he has not been re-arrested?

Information adapted from The One Peoples' Project.

Kyle McKee

Kyle McKee

a.k.a: pitbull-A.G.

The founder of the Aryan Guard, Kyle McKee (aka. a.k.a: pitbull-A.G.) originally came to Calgary from Kitchener, Ontario where he had numerous run-ins with anti-racists. and police He lived with neo-Nazi Nathan Touchette and made the news when they flew a Nazi flag from their apartment, much to the outrage of everyone in the neighbourhood. McKee and Touchette made it known that they planned on moving to Calgary. Calgary’s mayor made it known they weren’t welcome. They moved anyways, (after trashing the place they had been living in to the point where the house was condemned) though both eventually returned to Ontario (but not before McKee spent some time in jail for assault and possession of a weapon while wearing a mask). McKee eventually moved back to Calgary where he organized a group of dropouts and thugs into a group called the Aryan Guard.