Monday, April 20, 2009

Robert Reitmeier

Robert Reitmeier

a.k.a: German_Pride; agrenegade

An original member of the Aryan Guard, Reitmeier and a few others later formed an auxiliary group called W.E.B. (Western European Brotherhood or Western European Bloodlines) which is even more violent than the Aryan Guard proper.

Reitmeier was the victim of a shooting which resulted in life threatening injuries on September 5, 2008.

That Reitmeier was the victim in this case of a violent attack is without question, but the circumstances surrounding the case are still a mystery. Why was Reitmeier shot? Was the perpetrator a gun runner as has been claimed by the original source for this story, a case of mistaken identity or just a semi-random incident as claimed by Reitmeier? Why did Reitmeier, if the Calgary Herald article is correct, wait as long as three hours before seeking medical assistance and reporting the shooting to the police? Did Reitmeier provide accurate information about his assailant(s)?

On September 16, 2008, Brazilian student Jose Ribamar Ribeiro Neto was shot as he and his girlfriend left a restaurant and were walking along Centre Street. Ribeiro, an innocent bystander, survived but has been permanently blinded in the attack. A suspect with a long record that includes weapons, drug, and attempted murder convictions, was arrested on September 19, 2008. Roland Ashley Warawa has also been charged in the shooting of Reitmeier that took place in early September (an older picture of Warawa from 1997 can bee seen here).

Again, IF the Calgary Herald article is true, then could Reitmeier's delay of up to three hours in seeking medical attention for his serious injuries and notifying the authorities about the attempt on his life might have made the difference between Warawa's capture before the shooting of Ribeiro ever took place and Warawa's escape to be able to commit future violent assaults? This is admittedly a speculative question on our part.

Warawa has been charged with, among other things, two counts of attempted murder. Ironically, Reitmeier himself was charged with attempted murder late in 2006.


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