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Bill Noble

Bill Noble

a.k.a: Exterminance; Abbandon; Leto Atreides II; 14Guard88

Noble, born April 8, 1976, in the British Columbian wilderness near Lillooet Lake. His parents, whom Noble has referred to as hippies, lived what can be described as an alternative lifestyle, residing with their children (Bill has at least two sisters, one of whom is in a relationship with a First Nations man) in a trailer in relative isolation. Noble was also home schooled until he was a teen, though his parents eventually enrolled him in high school.

Now, put some tall skinny kid who has been isolated from people his own age for much of his life - which could only have limited his social skills considerably - and whose family might be considered weird into a high school and one can quickly establish that Noble would fast become a subject of ridicule and abuse. This is apparently what happened, as Noble was mercilessly bullied throughout high school. To this day Noble is concerned with the idea of being the subject of a physical attack; he claims to once carried a knife with him for protection.

When reading many of his posts in Stormfront, VNN, or his own blog, one will note Noble's slavish devotion to David Lane's Eighty-Eight Precepts and the Twenty-Five Points of National Socialism. However, Noble has a few ideas of his own as well. In response to a thread in Stormfront entitled, "Europeans will die out in 200 years" Noble posts the following:

I recommend a three-step plan:

1) Nightfall. In which all racially aware Whites retreat to the far North, especially in Canada and Europe. We wait and watch as Jews and White lemmings alike are eaten alive by the rising tides of darkness, and civilization itself succumbs to savagery -hence 'Nightfall', as darkness swallows everything.

2) Sunrise. With no Jews to forbid us or teach us to hate ourselves, we advance and reclaim old territories, dealing with savages as savages are meant to be dealt with - and I don't mean dishing out welfare checks.

3) The Day of the Rope. Only a society with absolute dedication to proper justice can hope to prevent the lunacy of Liberalism from once more taking hold and making a mess like today's, with open doors for all immigrating aliens, and criminals having more rights than their victims.

I plan to take a wife and retreat to the forests of the North-West Territories. I shall build a log cabin for myself and my wife, and some greenhouses; and then I shall build more log cabins, and invite other WN couples to join us. Bring Peltin wheels and Alaskan sawmills. Strive, survive, succeed!

Take a wife? Who in the 21st century talks like that? Noble's other postings are also enlightening, if less amusing, such as his admiration of a serial killer:

He [Joseph Paul Franklin] shot at Flynt? After the Day of the Rope I say we build a 500 foot statue of Joseph Paul Franklin. [Franklin, in the late 70s and early 80s, engaged in a campaign of race-based homicides and also seriously wounded pornographer Larry Flynt during his March 1978 trial for obscenity]

Man, when I think of the goings-on at my place of employment... it'd be nice for someone like Joseph drop by for lunch.

I need to stop being Nice and start being more, um... Orderly [a reference to Robert Jay Matthew's terrorist group known as the Order, or the Silent Brotherhood.]

In the above quotes, one will notice a reference to the infamous, "day of the rope", a phrase popularized by William Pierce in his novel, The Turner Diaries. Noble claims not to advocate violence (he has previously stated that he hasdnever read Pierce’s book and is not familiar with what Pierce intended to mean when he wrote of the day of the rope). Given how deeply Noble has immersed himself in the racist movement, and given he has a hand drawn picture on his blog of one of the punishments he would mete out on this day of the rope (hanging certain classes of "criminals" with their own intestines), To us, this is a tad disingenuous.

Noble appeared to be styling himself as the next Fuhrer, his idol, as he has posted pictures of himself sporting a Hitler moustache as well as an actual shrine to Hitler. In fact, Noble was trying to recruit skinheads in the Fort Saint John's area for his own racist group with no success, although he did catch the attention of the BC Hate Crimes division that resulted in a raid on his apartment. Noble left BC and moved to Edmonton, Alberta and met with local boneheads such as former Western Canada For Us leader Glenn Bahr and Nathan Touchette, both of whom he lived with for a time. When the Aryan Guard movement in Calgary began he moved to Calgary.

Noble was recently released from prison after a 4 month sentence for violating Canadian hate crime laws with a further 3 years probation where if he even looks sidewise at the computer he’ll be thrown back in the clink. However, as soon as he was released he was back online spreading hate propaganda on Facebook. We have to ask why, when he is so blatantly violating his parole, that he has not been re-arrested?

Information adapted from The One Peoples' Project.

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  1. Does this guy EVER look like the Goudreau-monster from Ottawa. Scary.....if you're a recalcitrant child